[Abcde-users] easyabc square instead of b and #

Atte André Jensen atte at email.dk
Fri Sep 21 23:09:48 BST 2012


I'm trying out easyabc, especially looking forward to playing with it's 

I have a small problem: 'b' and '#' in guitarchords are displayed as a 
square on in the score part of the window. I haven't tried printing yet, 
maybe the problem is only on the screen, but still: Any idea how to 
avoid this?

I'm running arch linux...

NB1: I've been using abcm2ps for ages with emacs, no problems.

NB2: I tried adding the line '%%abc-charset utf-8' at the top of the 
abcfile as suggested by the easyabc webpage, but that didn't change 

Thanks in advance for any input!


http://atte.dk   http://modlys.dk

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