[Abcde-users] [Bug/Issue] abcde provides wrong cli arguments to eye3D (id3 tagging)

Georg Bege therion at ninth-art.de
Wed Apr 9 11:28:40 BST 2014

Hello abcde users

Im using abcde for many years now, more or less frequently.
Today I needed it once again and noticed that it was not able to perform
its usual operation anymore:

---------------- snip ---------------
Grabbing entire CD - tracks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
abcde: attempting to resume from /home/therion/abcde.64115e18..
Tagging track 04 of 24: The Path of a Kingslayer...
Tagging track 05 of 24: Through the Underworld...
Tagging track 06 of 24: The Lone Survivor...
Tagging track 07 of 24: Into the Fields...
usage: eyeD3 [-h] [--version] [-l LEVEL[:LOGGER]] [--exclude PATTERN] [-L]
              [-P NAME] [-C FILE] [--backup] [-Q] [--fs-encoding ENCODING]
              [--no-config] [--profile] [--pdb] [-a STRING] [-A STRING]
              [-t STRING] [-n NUM] [-N NUM] [-G GENRE] [-Y YEAR] [-c STRING]
              [--rename PATTERN] [-1] [-2] [--to-v1.1] [--to-v2.3] 
              [--release-date DATE] [--orig-release-date DATE]
              [--recording-date DATE] [--encoding-date DATE]
              [--tagging-date DATE] [-p STRING] [--play-count <+>N] 
[--bpm N]
              [--unique-file-id OWNER_ID:ID]
              [--add-comment COMMENT[:DESCRIPTION[:LANG]]
              [--remove-comment DESCRIPTION[:LANG]] [--remove-all-comments]
              [--add-lyrics LYRICS_FILE[:DESCRIPTION[:LANG]]]
              [--remove-lyrics DESCRIPTION[:LANG]] [--remove-all-lyrics]
              [--text-frame FID:TEXT] [--user-text-frame DESC:TEXT]
              [--url-frame FID:URL] [--user-url-frame DESCRIPTION:URL]
              [--add-image IMG_PATH:TYPE[:DESCRIPTION]]
              [--remove-image DESCRIPTION] [--remove-all-images]
              [--write-images DIR]
              [--add-object OBJ_PATH:MIME-TYPE[:DESCRIPTION[:FILENAME]]]
              [--remove-object DESCRIPTION] [--write-objects DIR]
              [--add-popularity EMAIL:RATING[:PLAY_COUNT]]
              [--remove-popularity EMAIL] [--remove-v1] [--remove-v2]
              [--remove-all] [--remove-frame FID]
              [--encoding latin1|utf8|utf16|utf16-be] [--force-update] [-v]
              [PATH [PATH ...]]
eyeD3: error: unrecognized arguments: --set-text-frame=TPE2:Various
---------------- snip ---------------

My versions are:

The system is Gentoo Linux (3.12.13-gentoo).
Why I didnt provide the issue with the bug tracker?
Well simple, I have no Google account nor do I want to have one -
besides Google is simply asking far too many questions.

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