[Abcde-users] Two questions

Alan W. Kerr awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu
Tue Aug 25 03:49:22 BST 2015

The GARP (Grand abcde Re-coding Project: aka 2.6) has been completed and 
even further refined by 2.7.  I have been needing this for *years*!  A 
big "thank you" to everyone that contributed to fixing/re-coding abcde. 
  I have been modifying abcde for my use (to varying degrees of success) 
and now I know that *everyone* had trouble figuring out why many things 
did not work as they expected.  I now have a MUCH better understanding 
of how abcde works... but I have a couple of questions:

1) Why is mungefilename/mungegenre done in every function that needs 
those variables?  It's done in: do_replaygain, do_move, do_playlist 
(twice!), abcde.mkcue, do_cleancue, do_getalbumart.  Why aren't the 
variables global and done once per iteration?  I looks like it was 
necessary due to the pre-GARP method of "subshells piped into the next 
subshell" which wouldn't pass the variables...  or possibly due to 
"usepipes".  Can it be done once per iteration now?

2) Why is the eyed3 encoding set to utf16?
The default encoding is CDDBPROTO=6 which is uft8.  In lines 4233, 4241, 
and 4245 (settings for eyed3), encoding is changed to utf16.  Why change 
the encoding to utf16 and not leave it utf8?  Why is there no way to 
LEAVE it utf8? (you have to edit the script, which I have done in my 
copy).  This just seems... odd...

Alan W. Kerr          awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu          Whee!(tm)

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