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Fri Jun 19 02:55:25 BST 2015

abcde 2.7 has been released on June 18th and can be downloaded from

abcde downloads

There are many new features and bug fixes in this release as the
changelog shows:

abcde 2.7

  * Rewrite of abcde's mungefilename function. Thanks to 
    Andreas Kusalananda Kahari for this and also thanks
    to Andrew Willis for the report which triggered the
    rewrite. Thanks also to shughes for an earlier report.
    This closes Issues 72 and 135.
  * TRACKTOTAL now written to flac and ogg files. Thanks to 
     monkth for the notification. This resolves Issue 76.
  * Support added for the downloading of album art. A huge
    thank you to Johannes Gernemann who came forward with
    the technique used and also the original patch. An equally
    huge thanks to Richard who extended and greatly enhanced
    the original patch. Detailed documentation added to the
    abcde FAQ document although the sane defaults in place
    will guarantee a good experience even for those who do
    not read documentation! This closes Issue 33.
  * Support added for ripping with the GNU Compact Disc 
    Input and Control library (libcdio) as requested by
    both gentoo and NixOS. The utility used is cd-paranoia
    and can best be called from a conf file as follows:

     CDPARANOIAOPTS="--never-skip=40 --verbose"

    with the CD_PARANOIA variable giving the correct path 
    to cd-paranoia. I believe that cd-paranoia uses the same
    options as cdparanoia but if I am proven incorrect this 
    will need to be rectified...
  * Fix for encoding with bladeenc and usepipes.
  * Fix for broken ripping with dagrab. Closes Issue 140.
  * Fix for diskutil selecting wrong disk on OS X. Thanks
    to Richard for this fix which closes Issue 139.
  * Added some error checking and documentation for
    the abcde-musicbrainz-tool. Thanks yet again to
    Matthias Andree for this work! Closes issue 138.
  * New variables for m4a/aac encoding options to be 
    manipulated in a users ~/.abcde.conf file:
     1. FAACENCOPTS for faac encoding options
     2. NEROAACENCOPTS for neroAacEnc options
     3. FDKAACENCOPTS for fdkaacenc options
    Note that these options replace the now obsolete AACENCOPTS.
  * Check added for neroAacTag when encoding with neroAacEnc.
  * Several additions to usepipes with the following encoders 
    being added:
      1. mp3enc: mp3
      2. speexenc: Speex
      3. mpcenc: Musepack SV8
      4. wavpack: WavPack
      5. faac: aac
      6. neroAacEnc: aac
      7. fdkaac: aac
    The cd ripper cdda2wav (icedax) has also been added.
  * Ripping and encoding with 'usepipes' fixed. This fix
    closes Issue 46.
  * Suggested encoding options for mp3enc added to the sample
    abcde.conf. Last release of mp3enc in 1998 but it still
    works flawlessly with a modern abcde!
  * Suggested encoding options for l3enc added to the sample
    abcde.conf. Congratulations to abcde which in 2015 still 
    works with l3enc which saw its final release in 1997!
  * Fix for -o option use with options and multiple outputs.
    This allows for commandline options such as the following:
          abcde -o 'flac:-8,mp3:-b 320' 
    Thanks to Matthias Andree for yet another quality patch! 
    This closes Issue 136.
  * Support added for ReplayGain with WavPack encoding.
  * Fix for MusePack to allow the use of the SV8 ReplayGain 
    application 'mpcgain'.
  * Monkey's Audio (ape) encoding added. Tagging is with
    Robert Muth's apetag. Thanks to Shantiq for testing.
  * Simplify Opus tagging.This closes Issue 133.
  * Allow 'clean' when OUTPUTTYPE=wav, broken for some time.
    Thanks to Roger rogerx.oss<at>gmail.com for showing the
    problem and demonstrating the fix. This closes Issue 94.
  * Clarification that CDDBLOCALRECURSIVE=y is required for 
    local CDDB search. Thanks to Reuben Thomas for the
    notification. This partially resolves Issue 121.
  * AtomicParsley removed from debian/control, WavPack added.
  * Details of abcde's handling of faac compiled with and 
    without mp4v2 added as a new entry to FAQs.
  * Fix to allow display of the 'date' meta tag generated
    by eyeD3 in vlc, Audacious and friends.
    Thanks to Reuben Thomas. This closes Issue 126.
  * Fix for flac floating point error. Thanks to rwvtveer
    for the patch which closes Issue 113.
  * Formalised 3 methods of mp3 tagging using ID3TAGV:
      1.id3v2.4 using eyeD3 (set in abcde as the default)
      2.id3v2.3 using id3v2
      3.id3v1 using id3
    Thanks to Adriaan for this patch which fixes issue 101.
  * Support for WavPack added. Closes issue 123.
  * Fix for mp3 encoding with different versions of eyeD3.
    Thanks to Matthias Andree for this patch.
  * Major AAC encoding cleanup, including addition of the fdkaac encoder. 
    Thanks to Doug Mcmahon for assistance with this.

Thanks to the many, many contributors whose work has made this release
possible. Have fun with the new release!!

You think that's air you're breathing now?

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