[Abcde-users] Has a "ranking" for abcde.conf settings ever been considered?

Gabriel Rosenkoetter gr at eclipsed.net
Fri Aug 26 23:58:17 BST 2016

I’m thinking in particular of CDDBMETHOD here, but there are probably other places where this might be handy.

The reason I ask is that (as previously noted), I’m in the process of reripping my CD collection, and while the data in MusicBrainz is great, it leaves something to be desired in breadth… and sometimes doesn’t hit on fully-commercial copy of a CD, even though after I manually enter the CDDB-formatted info, poof, the album art is found. In that case, I’m fine with the MB lookup failing, getting the information from CDDB… and then matching the album artwork based on the artist / album name that CDDB provided.

Other times, there’s really just no record in MusicBrainz (for examples, about 50% of the classical music CDs I’ve passed through over the past week, and some relatively obscure bootlegs of bands I liked in the early ‘90s — for example, http://www.spfc.org/songs-releases/boot.html?boot_id=79 … although that’s also not in FreeDB; and let’s not get too far into the legality of bootlegs: plenty are in FreeDB and discog). Anything that’s on a CD-R (for which there may well be legal reasons; I have one album that I purchased, but was subsequently damaged by a friend, and I feel justified in having a CD-R copy of that) will also fail the MusicBrainz match.

So, I’d like to set CDDBMETHOD to try musicbrainz first, then fall back to cddb if that fails. I just poked around a little bit, and I think at least do_musicbrainz() would have to change a bit (offer manual editing or falling back to CDDB interactively?), but that only satisfies my preferred sequencing…

Is this totally whacky for some reason I’m missing?

Gabriel Rosenkoetter
gr at eclipsed.net

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