[Abcde-users] Device use a cdrdao Audio CD image Support

Roger rogerx.oss at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 04:58:06 GMT 2016

> On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 11:25:01AM -0500, Charles Steinkuehler wrote:
>On 3/24/2015 10:42 AM, Roger wrote:
>> I think one of my next ideas is to implement "abcde -d" cdrdao audio CD image 
>> support.
>> Essentially,  "abcde -d mozart.bin" or abcde should be able to read in an audio 
>> CD image file created with cdrdao through the device argument. (ie. "-d 
>> [device]")
>> (Posted for feedback, in the event somebody has already tried and the feature 
>> isn't possible.)
>I did something like this ages ago for FLAC files, mostly so I can
>re-rip to new lossy formats without pulling out a huge stack of physical
>disks.  The code should be in abcde and might be enough for what you're
>wanting, or at least might point the way for getting .bin file support

Interesting note here, I just installed cdemu here and have been attempting to 
load a good cdrdao image/bin file.  (eg. cdemu load 0 test.img)

Upon initial usage of cdemu loading of an cdrdao img/bin file, 
/usr/libexec/cdemu-daemon-session.sh is executated and spawns an instance of 
/usr/bin/cdemu-daemon; in turn creating /dev/sr1 device file provided by the 
cdemu vhba.ko kernel module.

Once the image file is loaded into cdemu, the device (as previously noted 
above) can be accessed by either using the scsibus (4,0,0) device number or 
(/dev/sr1) device file.

abcde can then access this file using "abcde -d /dev/sr1".

So far, I've only heard hissing and noise, but the hissing and noise coincides 
with the beginning of the music, so I'm very close.

And now I fixed this hissing/noise issue with using the following incantation 
of cdrdao as mentioned previously on the cdrdao mailing lists:

$ cdrdao read-cd --driver generic-mmc:0x20000 --datafile test.bin test.toc

Other Problems: 1) The discid is different from the real discid recognized 
elsewhere, as such CDDB look-up thinks it's some other disc.  All (16) tracks 
are also encoded into one track. (eg. track01.wav) 2) cdemu-daemon or the 
vhba.ko will lock the default /dev/sr0 CDROM device; workaround is to either 
rmmod vhba.ko or kill the cdemu-daemon process.

The reason anybody would want to do this, for only having to backup their CD 
audio collection once to digital media, and using abcde upon this digital image 
without having to go through the time consuming CDROM media extraction process.  
Another reason, for testing patches or fixes with abcde scripting (or other 
frontends), and is far quicker then using the CDROM extraction process.  (Looks 
like the cdemu method is <3-5 seconds for reading an entire audio CD.)


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