[Abcde-users] Device use a cdrdao Audio CD image Support

Roger rogerx.oss at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 07:57:14 GMT 2016

> On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 01:48:10AM -0500, Roger wrote:
>Ooops.  And now I've run into an old discussion concerning cdrdao disk images 
>not be a full CDDA disc image compared to Window's EAC program.
>[Flac] FLAC CD Archive
>Charles Steinkuehler's post here explaining some of the specifics of cdrdao's 

And then finally another of Charle's workaround's for this problem of 
non-matching cdrdao discid for cddb referencing:

Post #5

Basically, use cdparanoia for extracting the image by specifically specifying 
Track #0 instead of Track #1; for which cdrdao omits the lead-in area.

Below is a snip of his instructions:

--- Snip ---
1) Rip the whole disk using cdparanoia with a zero sector start position (ie: cdparanoia [00:00:00.00]- )
2) Generate a TOC file using cdrdao read-toc
3) Convert the toc file to a cue file with toc2cue
4) "Massage" the cue file, adding any pre-gap to the track index positions
...or you could just run EAC and let it do everything for you.
--- Snip ---

At this point, I should now have a CDDA audio CD image file for archiving to 
use with cdemu and abcde, along with a TOC file for manual extraction or 
recreation of the CDDA audio CD.


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