[Abcde-users] Has a "ranking" for abcde.conf settings ever been considered?

Gordon Findlay gfindlay.linux at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 07:05:25 BST 2016

As Gabriel commented, abcde did not read any CD-TEXT information for me.
These details are what I have so far:

1: abcde uses icedax or cdda2wav (in do_cdtext() ) to read it. I am using
openSUSE Leap 42.1, in which icedax is not installed, so abcde tries to use
cdd2a2wav. That *is* installed (version 3.01).

2: in a default installation of openSUSE, a standard user cannot run
cdda2wav, due to privilege issues like these:

cdda2wav: Operation not permitted. Cannot regain process capabilities.
cdda2wav: Insufficient 'file read' privileges. You will not be able to open
all needed devices.
cdda2wav: Insufficient 'file write' privileges. You will not be able to
open all needed devices.
cdda2wav: Insufficient 'device' privileges. You may not be able to send all
needed SCSI commands, this my cause various unexplainable problems.
cdda2wav: Insufficient 'priocntl' privileges. You may get jitter.
cdda2wav: Insufficient 'network' privileges. You will not be able to do
remote SCSI.
cdda2wav: Operation not permitted. Cannot regain process capabilities.

cdda2wav: Permission denied. Cannot open '/dev/sg1'. Cannot open or use
SCSI driver.
cdda2wav: For possible targets try 'cdda2wav -scanbus'. Make sure you are

cdda2wav works fine for root, or using sudo

3: The default (at least for SUSE) perms are
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 262944 Oct 25  2015 cdda2wav

chmod u+s cdda2wav resolves the problem, so normal users can execute
cdda2wav. This is the quick fix.

4. Running programs suid root like this is anathema to some. According to
the cdrtools web site it is possible to be more subtle using the setcap to
assign more fine-grained privileges. A default installation of openSUSE
doesn't include setcap either :-)
I will test the patch for a ranking list of CDDBMETHOD in a little while -
tomorrow I hope.

Thanks to Gabriel for forcing me to investigate this. I wish I had checked
what was going on before I used a different technique altogether to get CDs
with no CDDB/MusicBrainz entries (I used cd_info, a dodgy script, and a lot
of cut and paste). cd_info gives different formatted output to either
icedax or cdda2wav. so I guess using it as CDTEXT_READER in abcde would be


On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 10:09 PM, Gabriel Rosenkoetter <gr at eclipsed.net>

> On 26 Aug, 2016, at 18:58EDT, Gabriel Rosenkoetter <gr at eclipsed.net>
> wrote:
> > I’m thinking in particular of CDDBMETHOD here, but there are probably
> other places where this might be handy.
> Short version:
> The attached patch (see also https://abcde.einval.com/
> bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=42), if applied to your local abcde, will make
> CDDBMETHOD accept a comma-separated list of CDDB resolution methods. If
> you’ve only got one thing set for that in your CDDBMETHOD (that is, you
> have no commas there), it shouldn’t break anything. I would recommend
> setting “CDDBMETHOD=musicbrainz,cddb”, but that’s just me.
> Please let me know if you apply this patch and have problems as a result.
> I don’t think i broke anything, but it’s really hard to test for unknowns.
> Long version:
> I’ve cc’ed a few people explicitly here (and I would encourage you to drop
> the explicit ccs if you’re responding to this to the list, in order to
> reduce everybody’s inbox noise):
> * Steve, because he and I have had some off-list exchanges about this, and
> … I guess I just want to make his inbox catchup worse? Huh, maybe I
> shouldn’t actually send you two copies of this. (And now I’m not.)
> * Gordon, because he responded, inadvertently dropping the list address
> (we discussed that, and agreed that I’d go ahead and summarize our
> conversation back here) to my original email about this (quoted in
> abbreviation above) saying, broadly, “Yeah, i want that too!”. Gordon also
> made some good points about how, in absence of MusicBrainz or CDDB records
> for a given CD, maybe just fall back to CD-TEXT? The existing code does
> fall through to CD-TEXT in something like that case, but I’m not convinced
> it works the way a theoretical new user thinks it should. The details of
> this get into CDTEXT_READER behavior, and that’s just not a thing I’ve
> looked at carefully. Gordon, please feel to expand on this.
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