[Abcde-users] Failback for musicbrainz failure?

Geoff Sweet geoffrsweet+abcde at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 04:29:33 GMT 2017

Howdy all.
  I'm progressing through a long process of ripping a couple thousand CD's
into a digital collection. I've setup several old laptops to keep the pace
going and abcde is KILLING it for me. Its such a great tool.

  However some of my CD's are old and I've found several that aren't listed
in musicbrainz but are listed in CDDB.  Currently I just wrap abcde around
some bash scripting so that if it produces a "Unknown Artist" directory, it
kills the autorip process.  I've noticed that in nearly all these cases the
CD is discovered in CDDB.  Instead of creating a "one off" stack for a
laptop that is configured to use CDDB, is there a way for abcde to
fail-back onto CDDB in the event of a "not found" situation with
musicbrainz. I was hoping it was as easy as overloading the config like so:


But that doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?

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