[Abcde-users] Not querying musicbrainz with correct discid

Geoff Sweet geoffrsweet+abcde at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 02:23:20 GMT 2017

As I continue to look into why I am getting a number of "Not Found" queries
to MusicBrainz, I thought I would start adding some of these discs into the
system.  However I was surprised to learn that several of these disks are
definitely there already.  As an example this CD:


Is clearly there and correct.  So I went back and cleared out the CDDB
cache on my machine.  I ran the abcde-musicbrainz-tool separately I and
found that it calculates the correct discid:

gsweet at whooter ~ $ /usr/bin/abcde-musicbrainz-tool
Qcq7tL4VdSwnRM.1Jxr_Werv_dY- 10 187 26922 46395 68165 84197 104307 122182
140842 156620 174995 2572

But, abcde itself seems to get something very different back:

outputting to /home/gsweet/abcde.MTefeaFP1rQ5Uk9cWOkjDT3w3Lo-/track01.wav

And as you can see the only entry that gets created is the new discid that

gsweet at whooter ~ $ ls .cddb

gsweet at whooter ~ $ cat abcde.MTefeaFP1rQ5Uk9cWOkjDT3w3Lo-/discid
MTefeaFP1rQ5Uk9cWOkjDT3w3Lo- 10 187 26922 46395 68165 84197 104307 122182
140842 156620 174995 2574

That discid does not exist in MusicBrainz, hence the failure.  So this
seems to me that something is breaking maybe? I'm just not sure where to
test from here.  Adding -V doesn't seem to produce a whole lot of
additional output.

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