[Abcde-users] CDs with terminal multimedia tracks

Charles Thorley charles at thorley.us
Thu Feb 6 02:25:32 GMT 2020

First off, thanks for this great tool.  Secondly, I looked for a way to search the archives, but did not see one - if I missed something obvious, my apologies.

I'm using abcde to rip CDs directly to FLAC files.  I'm on macOS 10.14.6, and I installed via Hombrew.  In general, it just works perfectly, very nearly all of the time.  The one exception that I've consistently encountered is that, when ripping a CD that has a multimedia payload for the last track, the penultimate track (i.e. the last non-multimedia track) fails.  Subsequent attempts to resume also fail.  This behavior has been consistent across three CDs that fit this description.  I've searched the man page for all the terms I could think of that might relate to this issue, looking for a flag to set, but either I'm searching poorly, or the info isn't there.

This is my ~/.abcde.conf:


To run the program, i simply execute `abcde` without additional arguments.

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.  And again, this is an awesome tool that I'm getting great value out of.

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