[Abcde-users] unset variable

Alan W. Kerr awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu
Fri May 15 16:21:13 BST 2020

Hi, all...
I'm working on a few fixes/upgrades for abcde and found an "oddly used" 
unset variable... and I'm not sure what it *should* be (if anything) nor 
how the function is even *used*.

from 2.9.3
line 1960 in abcde.cue2discid
LENGTH=$(( $LEADOUT/75 - $TRACK1/75 ))

$TRACK1 is never set nor is it used anywhere else.  the block of code is:

	LENGTH=$(( $LEADOUT/75 - $TRACK1/75 ))
	CDDBDISCID=$(( ( $N % 255 ) * 2**24 | $LENGTH * 2**8 | $TRACKS ))
	printf %08x %i ${CDDBDISCID} $TRACKS

	while [ $j -le $TRACKS ] ; do
		eval echo -n "\" \$TRACK$j\""
		j=$(( $j + 1))
	echo  $(( $LEADOUT / 75 ))

There is $TRACKS and $TRACK$j.  and $j does = 1 so there is a reference 
to $TRACK1 but it doesn't seem to be *set* anywhere.
ALSO, the entire function abcde.cue2discid is NOT called anywhere!
How is this *supposed* to work?

Alan W. Kerr          awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu          Whee!(tm)

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