[Abcde-users] questions about cddb files

Dan Hargens dhargens at gmail.com
Sat May 22 02:24:30 BST 2021

I've been using abcde for quite a while, and enjoy using it. Thanks for
taking the time to make it in the first place. I've used it to rip 1192 CDs
and I'm still going.

2 concerns: I've been trying to understand something about how abcde uses
the cddb files.

A Long Time Ago the filenames used to be long - 28-characters, the same as
the "DISCID=" line inside the file. I think maybe it's the MusicBrainz
More recently, they're now the short form (8 chars), the same as the first
field returned from cd-discid.

Why is this? Was it related to when freedb dropped?

As part of my process of automating rips, I wrote a script that uses abcde
to first only retrieve the disc info (cddb), which it then cleans up and
changes smart-quotes to stupid ones, fixes weird album titles and other
things, then does the full rip using abcde again (this saves me from having
to re-rip it because I don't like the defaults or something). Sometimes the
filename is NOT the first field returned from cd-discid, but something else
(but still 8 chars long).

Why is this? How do I know what the 'new' filename is that I need to use?
To clean up the file, I assume the cd-discid is right and use that. That
doesn't work when the name changes. I suppose I could use the most-recent
file in the directory, but that assumes I'm not editing other files for a
re-rip (maybe I needed to manually change the title, or some other such
reason), but this feels sloppy somehow. Any suggestions on how to handle

Thanks in advance,
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