[Abcde-users] Using embedded CD data

Christian Weiske cweiske at cweiske.de
Mon Sep 13 05:13:32 BST 2021

Hello Jason,

> I have some CDs that have artist, track and album information
> embedded on them. My car CD player can read it as does VLC. Is there
> anyway to get abcde to read it? Some of the discs aren't found on
> Musicbrainz or cddb (Gnudb).

You need to have a fixed cdda2wav binary that you can get by installing
"icedax" on Debian, and you have to configure abcde to use cd text:


See http://cweiske.de/tagebuch/abcde-cdtext.htm

Regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christian Weiske

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