[Abcde-users] How to deal with problematic characters?

Bodnar, Jason jason at shakabuku.org
Tue Sep 21 14:58:58 BST 2021

Turns out I was being over cautious. I didn't need to escape the apostrophe
at all. abcde took care of it for me. My default editor is emacs and when
abcde opened it to allow me to edit/enter the disc info emacs didn't like
the apostrophe (color highlighting was weird). I escaped it and it made
emacs happy but caused problems for abcde as it removed the apostrophe but
left the slash. If I would've done nothing I would've been fine.

On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 8:32 AM Ron <ronljohnsonjr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Double-quote ARTISTFILE and ALBUMFILE?
> On 9/20/21 5:18 PM, Bodnar, Jason wrote:
> When ripping CDs sometimes the track title (or maybe the album title) has
> a character in it that causes problems down the road. For example, in
> "Tryin' to Get the Feeling", the apostrophe causes abcde to fail when
> moving the track to its final destination.
> [ERROR] abcde: The following commands failed to run:
> movetrack-03: returned code 1: mv /tmp/abcde.5a070108/track03.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/03-tryin\_to_get_the_feeling.flac
> replaygain-flac: returned code 1: nice -n 10 metaflac --add-replay-gain
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/01-ready_to_take_a_chance_again.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/02-even_now.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/03-tryin\_to_get_the_feeling.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/04-ships.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/05-weekend_in_new_england.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/06-mandy.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/07-looks_like_we_made_it.flac
> /media/readynas/Music/j/joe_pernice/could_it_be_magic/08-could_it_be_magic.flac
> Finished. Not cleaning /tmp/abcde.5a070108.
> When entering the track info I escaped the apostrophe:
> TTITLE2=Tryin\' to Get the Feeling
> Is there some other way to escape it? Or is the problem with my
> OUTPUTFORMAT='$(echo ${ARTISTFILE,,} | head -c
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