[Abcde-users] Problem with CDDB file creation

Dan Hargens dhargens at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 00:55:07 GMT 2022

Here's an interesting situation where I don't know what's causing this
problem. I think this is the first time I've seen this problem, as my other
rips have been clean.

The disc is Primus / Rhinoplasty.

The command "cd-discid /dev/sr0" returns the following:
7810040a 10 150 23100 52005 71430 85790 98632 112265 142777 183010 228310

However the file 7810040a is not created in the cddb directory as expected,
but rather creates file 6d0b4a09 with all the relevant info for this disc.

Thoughts on how this happens? Is a calculation off somehow (a rare
occurrence admittedly)? Anything I can do to research this to assist?

I got around my problem by copying the file from 6d0b4a09 => 7810040a and
re-ripping it. However, I'd rather clean up the problem if I can than work
around it.

Thanks in advance,
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