[Abcde-users] small change for function names

Cesar Enrique Garcia Dabo cquike at arcor.de
Sun Jun 26 13:23:50 BST 2022


after using abcde for quite a long time I found the other day failing 
with a strange error:

/usr/bin/abcde: line 1970: `abcde.cue2discid': not a valid identifier

I then I realized that now I am using the POSIXLY_CORRECT option and 
bash then complains about the names abcde.cue2discid() and 
abcde.mkcue(). Those names are not valid function names for POSIX shell 

When I changed abcde.cue2discid => abcde_cue2discid, abcde.mkcue => 
abcde_mkcue then abcde worked as normal (although I am not using the cue 
options myself). Of course that change doesn´t make the script fully 
POSIX compliant, but it a small change that helps portability.

Thank you!


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