[Abcde-users] How to Contribute?

Anthony Carrico acarrico at memebeam.org
Thu Mar 28 12:32:31 GMT 2024

On 3/27/24 22:55, Chris Ruddy wrote:
> Hi, I just started using abcde to rip my CD collection to flac and have 
> been quite happy with it. I'd like to contribute improvements and bug 
> fixes. How do I do that?
> My first bug fix is to fix the bug in abcde-musicbrainz-tool that 
> prevents it from working when the CD only has one track. ...

This is already fixed here:

So you may want to use that fork.

I agree that it would be nice to get the current fixes upstream, but 
seems to be offline currently:

It would be nice to get the fix(es) into distributions. This one 
references the fork:

README says:
   Steve McIntyre <93sam at debian.org>
   Andrew Strong <andrew.david.strong at gmail.com>
   abcde was originally created by Robert Woodcock <rcw at debian.org>

I've Cc the two maintainers, to see if they are still active.

At least this list seems to be working!

Anthony Carrico

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