[Abcde-users] running multiple abcde/cdparanoia in parallel - performance issues

Arthur Lutz arthur at lutz.im
Mon May 25 11:51:43 BST 2015


I've built a CD ripping machine from a bunch of old CDROMs and DVDRoms I
had lying around and an old PC. So far I have 7 drives installed (the
8th is the hard drive). Here's a photo on my blog :
(blog posts in french at the bottom of my email)

The idea is to be able to RIP a large number of CDs with minimal user
input. udev detects new cds, launches abcde, then the cds are ejected
when ripping is done.

I find that the speed at which the drives are being read by cdparanoia
is pretty slow and am wondering if you had any tips or experience
similar to this.

On the hardware side, I have two IDE on the mother board on which there
are 3 drives (and the HDD), and a PCI-IDE card on which there are two
IDE slots with 4 drives on it.

On the software side, am running debian jessie with kernel
3.16.0-4-686-pae, abcde 2.6-2 and cdparanoia 3.10.2+debian-11

A look at the speed of transfer on the .wav files in /tmp/abcde* in
speedometer http://i.imgur.com/8DPNzXa.png

Should I be running the rips in sequence ? how many could I put in
parallel ?

Thanks for any advise.


Blog posts in french :

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