[Abcde-users] [Paranoia] running multiple abcde/cdparanoia in parallel - performance issues

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun May 31 22:28:11 BST 2015

When you connect a lot of drives to the same bus or
interrupt or dma, you can experience some early penalty
than just reach maximum datarate limit of bus.
Best way to understand your limits is to put one
drive on one bus with a cdrom full of random data in it.
dd if=<drive> of=/dev/null bs=1m
Watch the interrupt, io size and iops, and data speed.
Add another drive, do in parallel, compare results.
Add another...
Then make of=<files on disk>...
You will eventually saturate or disrupt something.
Master and slave on same PATA bus rarely scale well.
Spread across busses were better.
SCSI scaled pretty good on same multi position cable.

Progress is a cleanly parsed rip log && shell script
printing "OK, next.." in each xterm, and your ejected
drive tray. Web front will be much extra work.

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