[Abcde-users] running multiple abcde/cdparanoia in parallel - performance issues

Arthur Lutz arthur at lutz.im
Sun May 31 22:00:08 BST 2015

On 27/05/2015 13:29, Johannes Gernemann wrote:
> that's an impressive hardware setup you got there :-)

Thanks. Hoping to make the user experience a bit smoother that what it
is right now.

> concerning the speed - what do you expect? As you are saying, you are
> using quite an "old PC". 1x CD speed is 150KB/s. Whatever your drives
> are capable of, they'll be sharing the total bandwidth of the busses. So
> does the harddisk. And you have to add read-from-CD time to write-to-HDD
> time. And then everything has to go through the CPU for encoding.
> Theoretically you can rip as many in parallel as you want. Practically
> things will be happening more or less sequentially.

The HDD doesn't seem to be taking too much pressure, I don't hear it
crunching away too much.

iotop doesn't show too much activity.

I'm also looking for tips on the tools I could use to measure the speed
and quality of the drives. Am taking a look at hdparm right now and
"cdparanoia --analyse".

My aim would also be to "filter" out the drives that don't  rip well in
favor of others.

Am thinking that if there is no benefit from running them in parallel I
might as well find a way of getting the to run sequentially. I want to
have a web frontend that provides information on progress and am looking
at http://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/using-celery-with-flask and
thinking of running the jobs through celery and viewing the progress
with flask (am more at ease with python than other programming languages).

> So how long does it actually take you to rip and encode (what format are
> you encoding?) let's say 4 CD's in parallel?

Am encoding to FLAC (which shouldn't be too CPU intensive right?).

Right now, am having trouble getting through parallel RIPs, they seem to
always fail. At some point I remember most drives popping out
successfully after a couple of hours.

Anyway thanks Johannes for keeping the thread going.


> Johannes
> Am 25.05.2015 um 12:51 schrieb Arthur Lutz:
>> Hi,
>> I've built a CD ripping machine from a bunch of old CDROMs and DVDRoms I
>> had lying around and an old PC. So far I have 7 drives installed (the
>> 8th is the hard drive). Here's a photo on my blog :
>> http://arthur.lutz.im/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IMG_7576-e1422896399582-532x800.jpg
>> (blog posts in french at the bottom of my email)
>> The idea is to be able to RIP a large number of CDs with minimal user
>> input. udev detects new cds, launches abcde, then the cds are ejected
>> when ripping is done.
>> I find that the speed at which the drives are being read by cdparanoia
>> is pretty slow and am wondering if you had any tips or experience
>> similar to this.
>> On the hardware side, I have two IDE on the mother board on which there
>> are 3 drives (and the HDD), and a PCI-IDE card on which there are two
>> IDE slots with 4 drives on it.
>> On the software side, am running debian jessie with kernel
>> 3.16.0-4-686-pae, abcde 2.6-2 and cdparanoia 3.10.2+debian-11
>> A look at the speed of transfer on the .wav files in /tmp/abcde* in
>> speedometer http://i.imgur.com/8DPNzXa.png
>> Should I be running the rips in sequence ? how many could I put in
>> parallel ?
>> Thanks for any advise.
>> Arthur
>> Blog posts in french :
>> http://arthur.lutz.im/blog/2013/03/diy-ripstation-part-1/
>> http://arthur.lutz.im/blog/2013/06/ripstation-diy-part-2/
>> http://arthur.lutz.im/blog/2015/02/ripstation-part-3-un-peu-de-logiciel/
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