[Abcde-users] Exact CD copy stored in multiple FLAC files

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at cs.ioc.ee
Thu Sep 17 22:13:52 BST 2015


I want to create copies of my CDs using the FLAC format. I want to make
sure that playback is smooth in situations where a single audio piece
runs over multiple tracks (like, for example, in live recordings). I
understand that in this case, you would usually turn each CD into a
single FLAC file with a cue sheet. However, my media player does not
support cue sheets. Therefore, I want to get one file per track in such
a way that playing the files in sequence gives smooth playback. This
raises a few questions:

  • How are pre-gaps treated when using one file per track. Are they
    included? If yes, are they included into the file of the previous
    track or the following track?

  • Is a generated FLAC file exactly as long as the corresponding CD
    track or could there be some padding?

  • Is the CD read in one go even if generating one file per track? If
    not, can read offsets become an issue?

  • Is there anything else relevant for this topic?

  • Is there a better way to achieve what I want (for example, first
    generating a single FLAC file with a cue sheet and then turning this
    file into a collection of files)?

Thank you for you help.

All the best,

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