[Abcde-users] Anybody considered adding Discogs as yet another CDDB source?

Gabriel Rosenkoetter gr at eclipsed.net
Tue Sep 6 22:19:21 BST 2016

I’ve come across a few CDs that don’t seem to exist in Musicbrainz or FreeDB (not just that don’t match properly when abcde queries, but that really aren’t even in those DBs), which I then find by doing a Google search for the artist and album at Discogs.

It looks like they do also support API queries (not that I’ve done more than see that this page exists so far): https://www.discogs.com/developers/

Anybody already looked at this?

If so, I’d be happy to pitch in.

If not, I think I’ll give it a go.

Gabriel Rosenkoetter
gr at eclipsed.net

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