[Abcde-users] abcde 2.8 release

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Sat Jan 14 01:13:55 GMT 2017

Hi folks,

I've just released abcde version 2.8, and it's ready for download from
the normal location:


There are a few new features and lots of bug fixes in this release, as
you can see from the changelog:

abcde 2.8

  * Make fdkaac the default for m4a encoding. Faac can still be selected
    for m4a encding via ~/.abcde.conf file but best not to :).
  * Split user-definable mungefilename function into mungetrackname,
    mungeartistname, and mungealbumname, each of which default to
    mungefilename Thanks to Gerald Turner for the patch and enhancement
    request. This closes Issue 39:
  * FAQs: Clarify the exit from multi-result CDDB search.
  * Fix to allow multiple output formats when aac fallback is triggered.
    Thanks to Birk Bremer for the bug report. This closes Issue 35:
  * Fix for some erroneous error and status logging. Thanks to Christian
    Wasem for the bug report and fix. This closes Issue 32:
  * Add support for trying multiple CD lookup services in order. Thanks to
    Gabriel Rosenkoetter for the patch. Closes Issue 42:
  * Add Recommends on glyrc and imagemagick in Debian packaging. Closes
    Debian Bug #827626
  * Fix up handling of the first few sectors when reading
    from a whole-CD flac file or using cdparanoia in one-track
    mode. Thanks to Matthias K├Ânig for the patch. Closes Issue 44:
  * Tweak the fix in musicbrainz for handling sketchy returned data
    some more. Hopefully closes Issue 30:
  * Re-enable some commented out cdparanoia/debug code in do_discid.
    Closes Issue 14:
  * Add "-a" to lots of grep calls in case of "binary" looking data,
    e.g. non-ascii text in track titles!
    Closes Issue 24:
  * Add "-L" to default curl options, to follow redirects if needed
    Closes Issue 40:
    Thanks to Gabriel Rosenkoetter for the patch.
  * Switch default from "cddb" to "musicbrainz" for track lookup
    Closes Debian Bug #842178

Thanks to the many contributors whose work has made this release
possible. Have fun with the new release. :-)

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve at einval.com
  Getting a SCSI chain working is perfectly simple if you remember that there
  must be exactly three terminations: one on one end of the cable, one on the
  far end, and the goat, terminated over the SCSI chain with a silver-handled
  knife whilst burning *black* candles. --- Anthony DeBoer
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