[Abcde-users] Multiple CDs to single FLAC file with -W option?

James jamesqf at charter.net
Fri Jan 20 05:17:12 GMT 2017

I want to archive a bunch of CDs to FLAC files.  Most of them
are performances that stretch over 2 or 3 CDs, sometimes more.
The man page seems to imply that this can be done with the -W
option, but when I try it, I get a single file for each CD.
The only effect seems to be that it adds a DISCNUMBER tag, and
changes the track numbering.

To give a concrete example, I'm working with "A Midsummer
Night's Dream" which is on 2 CDs.  So I give the command

   "abcde -c abcde.cfg -1 -W 2"

and insert the first disk.  It does the ripping of that disk,
and then quits.  The only difference I see from a normal 1
CD rip is that it has added a tag "DISCNUMBER=2", and changed
"TRACKNUMBER=201" from its normal "TRACKNUMBER=1".

Am I missing something obvious here, or have I just misread the
man page, and abcde actually doesn't do what I think it says?

If the latter, does anyone know of a good way to do this?
Note that these are going to be archives: I probably won't ever
play the files, but will extract them to MP3 or whatever and
load them onto a player.


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