[Abcde-users] Patches to ABCDE for album artist and genres

John Lane abcde at jelmail.com
Tue Jul 4 12:52:34 BST 2017

On 10/09/14 16:47, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 08:19:55PM +0100, John Lane wrote:
>> I was wondering if/when we might see a new version of abcde with my
>> patches in it. I can see from the issues tracker that the issues are
>> either "accepted" (16 and 33) or "started" (85) with a medium
>> priority. I've just checked the svn but can't see any related
>> commits.

Hi Steve,

Well, almost three years on! Ripping is one of those tasks that gets
pushed to the bottom of the pile and only resurfaces every few years.
Not ideal but more pressing work things tend to get in the way :)

I've just updated myself to the latest version 2.8.1 which has the album
art (great) but not the other things (old issues 16 and 85) I suggested.
I can't see these reflected on the bugzilla list and wondered if I
should re-raise these as new items?

The patch I provided for #16 allowed setting an Album Artist when
processing a multiple-artist album, and also (separately) allowed an
album to be tagged as a compilation because iTunes uses this fact to
alter its artist grouping.

Without the functionality provided by #16, ripped tracks are not
organised correctly if viewed in iTunes (perhaps others too).

The patch I provided for #85 allows the end user to change the genre by
selecting from a list of valid values.

Given the improved support for Musicbrainz and it now being the default
this offers the user a way to set genre which Musicbrainz does not provide.

I have re-worked two patches for these (see
https://github.com/johnlane/abcde/commits/patching-master) that apply to
the current head.

I can open new tickets for these on bugzilla and attach the patches.

Do let me know what you think.


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