[Abcde-users] New embedalbumart behavior collides with getalbumart

Joel Johnson mrjoel at lixil.net
Mon Jul 24 01:21:24 BST 2017

I am picking up doing some ripping again and dusting off my abcde.conf 
file. I noticed that the latest git repo adds an 'embedalbumart' action 
and am quite excited. Heck, I'm glad to see abcde is being maintained!

In testing with it though, it'd be nice if it embedalbumart didn't 
clobber on getalbumart. In it's current state, specifying embedalbumart 
uses the getalbumart functionality to retrieve the cover.jpg, but then 
after embedding the data file, moves it to an albumart_backup directory. 
The result is that the cover.jpg file isn't in the default place looked 
at by some clients. I do actually want both the cover.jpg as generated 
by getalbumart, and to have the image embedded in resulting files.

Based on comments in the do_embedalbumart function, it appears there's 
already some thought on not doing the backup file, etc. I'd propose 
something slightly different - namely that getalbumart and embedalbumart 
should both be independently optional. Both obviously share the same 
logic to identify and retrieve the image. That's currently in 
do_getalbumart which has a last step to move the resulting file from 
do_retrievealbumart and keeping it in the temp location would be useful, 
then create a new do_getalbumart which simply copies from the temp file 
location to the album location. Then the backup lines can be removed 
from do_embedalbumart. This seems like it would be easier to select 
exactly one or the other, or both, and have the expected behavior.


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