[Abcde-users] Including DISCNUMBER into the filename

Matthias Heukäufer m.heukaeufer at posteo.de
Mon Nov 27 15:27:54 GMT 2017


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this fantastic script! I have 
started archiving my CD collection, generating ogg and flac files during 
the same run.
One issue I have come across is multiple CDs of an album. While it is 
possible to use the -W option to concatenate discs, it would be nice if 
the discnumber became part of the filename also. This is especially true 
when using -1 to encode the whole disc into a single file. If have tried 
adding ${DISCNUMBER} to the OUTPUTFORMAT option, but this messed things 
up completely.
Could somebody give me a hint on how the discnumber could automatically 
become part of the filename?

Another question I have: is it possible to generate a single file flac 
archive of the CD AND generating multiple ogg files (one per track) in 
the same run? Most audio players for Android cannot handle multiple 
tracks in a single ogg file well and it would be extremely convenient to 
get both output types simultaneously.

Thank you - Matthias

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