[Abcde-users] getalbumart and embedalbumart only, after ripping

Lee einval_mailing_list at plast.id.au
Fri Aug 14 12:13:17 BST 2020

Thank you Cody and Alan for your replies.

I haven't actually properly started ripping my CDs yet, as I'm still 
optimising my method, so I'm open to options. Ideally I wanted to use 
non-interactive mode to rip everything, then at a later date check the 
track listings, tags, cover art, etc.

However, it seems that non-interactive mode is not really optimised for 
this "high-throughput" method. As an aside, another problem with this 
method was "Unknown Artist/Unknown Album"s overwriting each other, but I 
cobbled together a wrapper script to move albums these to unique 

It seems that there is no real workaround for missing cover images 
though. I did have a look at the source, which seems very readable, and 
it seems conceivable to me that it could be hacked to get/embed album 
art. But yes, perhaps just easier to use glyrc instead.

Thank you again for the replies. Cheers,

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