[Abcde-users] getalbumart and embedalbumart only, after ripping

Alan W. Kerr awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu
Thu Aug 13 17:48:21 BST 2020

The problem is:
1) you should have done the embedalbumart during the initial rip. which 
is how abcde is *designed* to do it (and is really the ONLY way to do it).
2) you need to re-read the needed data... which can't be done.  abcde 
has only THREE sources of input: musicbrainz, the CD itself, a flac file 
as input (-d).  It still has no idea where the existing ripped files 
are.  You would still have to re-rip the files.  abcde does not modify 
files, it creates files.

so... you basically have three options:
1) do it during the initial rip ( put ACTIONS=default,embedalbumart in 
your .conf file [or whatever your preferred list of actions is]) and 
this will fix all future rips.
2) for existing rips, do "1)" and re-rip your files using your existing 
flac files (annoying but ripping from flac runs very quickly).
3) find a stand-alone program that will do a lookup-and-embed (since 
they will be designed to "find missing album art" for existing files).

Hope this helps/explains what was happening...

Alan W. Kerr          awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu          Whee!(tm)

On 8/12/20 5:21 AM, Lee wrote:
> Thanks Cody,
> On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 04:55:19PM -0500, Cody Ochs wrote:
>> (first of all, profuse apologies if I replied incorrectly)
> Not at all, I appreciate the reply! Thank you!
>> You will likely need the -d (device) option with your file as the
>> "device"
> Unfortunately this didn't seem to work. I get the same warning (error?)
> as before when pointing to a directory.
> $ abcde -d Unknown\ Artist -a embedalbumart
> [WARNING] something went wrong while querying the CD... Maybe a DATA CD or the CD is not loaded?
> [WARNING] Error trying to calculate disc ids without lead-out information.
> which from the abcde code seems to be caused by cdparanoia failing.
> If I point to a file instead, then I get a different error.
> $ abcde -d Unknown\ Artist/Unknown\ Album/01\ Track\ 1.flac -a embedalbumart
> [ERROR] abcde: the input flac file does not contain a cuesheet.
> Skimming the abcde code, I'm not entirely sure what the code is doing
> there.
>> The problem I see is that I believe the Artist and Album info for
>> getalbumart are not read from the file itself, but from the information
>> downloaded from Musicbrainz and "cached" in the .abcde directory.
> Ah okay. I wonder if it's possible to hack where abcde looks, and put
> the new disc information in there. As per my first post, if I modify the
> CDDB data during interactive mode, abcde is fine, so presumably at worst
> I can hack the code to continue from that point after the batch rip.
> Cheers,
> Lee.
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